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Loans and Liquidity

As the loan and liquidity choice of over 330 credit unions across the country, VolCorp is committed to providing exceptional member service, timely turnaround, and cost-effective funding options.

Loan Services


Line of Credit

A pre-approved Line of Credit can help credit unions through liquidity difficulties.

  • Lines of credit are typically set at an amount equal to 10% of credit union assets
  • Larger lines available upon specific application and review/approval
  • Automatically accessed when accounts drop below average daily settlement balance
  • Competitive variable rate that is sensitive to market changes

Term Loans

Ideal for extended liquidity emergencies, and customizable for any situation.

  • Long- or short-term
  • Fixed and variable rate options available
  • Flexible payment schedules, terms, and conditions

Letters of Credit

Guaranteed payment of municipal/utility deposits or Visa/MasterCard can be made with our non-negotiable, non-assignable Letter of Credit.

  • A no-cost answer to payment guarantees
  • Issued for a specific amount and period of time

SimpliCD Issuance

SimpliCD is an easy, simple liquidity source with competitive rates and no back-office work, confusion, or fees. Member credit unions gain access to a nationwide market of institutional investors, with rates and terms tailored to their asset/liability needs. To issue through SimpliCD, credit unions must be federally insured and have the ability to accept non-member deposits.


Central Liquidity Facility (CLF)

CLF membership is voluntary and is open to credit unions that purchase a prescribed CLF stock amount. VolCorp acts as an agent for credit unions who join the CLF by buying CLF stock. As a government agency within NCUA, the CLF has access to the U.S. Treasury.


CU Business Group (CUBG)

CUBG provides business deposits, lending services, and technical expertise to credit unions big and small, bringing them one step closer to creating a complete business services package. Click here for more information.

Loan Participation

LoanStreet is an easy-to-use, web-based platform that automates and standardizes partial and whole loan sales, creating a single marketplace to buy, sell, and manage loans. There are no hidden fees, and credit unions have less administrative burden thanks to a standardized loan participation agreement and detailed monthly reports.

The historic loan participation process is highly manual, expensive, and error-prone. With LoanStreet, credit unions of all sizes can now have access to new participation opportunities enabling them to buy and sell efficiently.

Click below to see how LoanStreet compares to other loan participation options…

LoanStreet Comparison Chart

Benefits for Sellers

  • Maintain borrower relationship and control buyer access
  • Easy-to-use standardized loan sale agreements
  • Automated investor tracking and borrower payment distribution
  • Invite existing partners to view loans or find new ones

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Benefits for Buyers

  • Completely free to register for the platform with no minimum usage requirements
  • Manage all loans in one place
  • Find loans quickly with LoanStreet’s search engine
  • Complete due diligence easily with loan file and clear risk retention rules
  • Automated notices and simple management tools
  • Access to a broad platform for reselling loans

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Become a Partner

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