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Investment services

VolCorp enables credit unions to better service their members through a suite of competitive investment solutions.

About vPortfolio

VolCorp truly is a one-stop-shop offering the full range of investment products to meet your credit union’s diverse needs. VolCorp provides competitive solutions administered by a seasoned staff that range from on-balance sheet cash accounts and certificates of deposit to off-balance sheet securities and brokered certificates. We can take the member-client from the idea and preparation stage, through strategy formulation, execution, safekeeping, and regulatory and financial reporting.

VolCorp’s core investment products allow our seasoned staff the ability to take a credit union through all aspects of the investment experience. Whether you are a sophisticated buyer seeking robust analytics or new to the investment world, we can help.

While we understand that great self-service can be more important than excellent personal service, VolCorp accepts nothing less than both.

More About vPortfolio


vPortfolio has been created to provide:

  • Online trading of all credit union permissible investments
  • Portfolio analytics, powered by the industry’s leading fixed income analytic engine
  • Portfolio accounting that minimizes the credit union’s workload in preparing all regulatory and managerial investment reporting
  • The ability to access historical information at your fingertips


Brokered Securities

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Brokered Certificates

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Online Trading

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Bond Accounting

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Portfolio Analytics

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