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Consulting services

Strategic Planning

VolCorp partners with credit unions to help them set clear goals and articulate successful action plans that influence long-term success.

Strategic Planning

We understand credit unions. Our team of consultants are seasoned credit union professionals, with decades of experience from within credit unions just like yours. Our consultants have valuable relationships with credit union examiners and other industry leaders that helps provide guidance setting strategy and planning your credit union’s future. Our mission is to help your team create a unique, engaging, and robust strategic plan for your credit union that will prepare you for continued success.

Strategy Services

Strategic planning reaches far beyond the board room and impacts every employee and member of your credit union. The process should not be considered just another box to check, but rather an important investment in your credit union’s success. Strategic planning with VolCorp creates a true, forward-focused vision for your organization.

VolCorp consultants will help to define strategies, objectives, and tactics, and provide tools to track progress and report to the Board.

Our Process

  • Align the strategy with industry standards and best practices.
  • Facilitate analysis of current market data and demographics to identify new trends and industry opportunities.
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue to identify relevant pain points and obstacles, as well as their subsequent solutions.
  • Complete a detailed business plan documenting strategic initiatives to help credit unions adapt and prosper.

Become a Partner

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