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Financial services

Cash Services

VolCorp’s Cash Vault program fulfills deliveries, coin and currency orders, ATM cash replenishment, and returns – saving credit unions time and money, and reducing their workload.

Cash Vault Program

VolCorp’s cash vault program offers greater flexibility and lower delivery costs so that our members can stop worrying about their cash needs and focus on what matters most. Our partnership with Loomis offers armored car delivery service without additional surcharges.

Benefits include:

  • Online processing of shipment and delivery requests
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Ability to order currency at the strap level (100 notes)
  • Ability to order coin at the box level (50 rolls)
  • Fixed monthly pricing of armored car transportation, regardless of the number of orders you place each month
  • Transportation costs include fuel fees and liability insurance up to $250,000
  • Includes up to 10 items
  • Currency supplies available with cash delivery
  • Emergency and special order options

FRB Coin & Currency

VolCorp can act as a settlement agent and correspondent between credit unions and the FRB. With FRB Coin & Currency, credit unions select the armored carrier of their choice. Rather than placing orders through the Federal Reserve Bank, orders are placed through VolCorp’s ezfunds online platform, and settlement occurs through their VolCorp account. This can eliminate the need for costly online access to the Federal Reserve.

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