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Financial services

Item Processing

From share drafts and money orders to cashier drafts and check collection, VolCorp item processing services provide benefits to both credit unions and to the businesses they service.


Designed specifically for the unique needs of credit unions

7 years of image storage with unlimited retrieval through Access Image-NET

100% availability of funds next business day for returns

Research and adjustments performed at no additional cost

Duplicate detection over a 10-business day period

Several options for secure file transfers to and from VolCorp

Accredited National Check Professional (NCP) on staff

100% next-day availability of imaged deposits

Long-term, experienced staff

Item Processing Services

Member Share Drafts

At VolCorp, we offer a complete, comprehensive, and personalized share draft package.

Features include:

  • Secure connection for image retrieval through our online platform
  • Posting files are available for five days via a secure connection
  • Images are retrievable through credit union’s home banking system
  • Redundant backup: all images replicated at our business recovery site
  • Member support and after-hour assistance
  • Error & duplicate correction
  • MICR line repair on rejected items
  • Adjustment module available through our online platform
  • Same day debit/credit for adjustments before 3:00 p.m. CT
  • Share draft returns with 100% next business day credit

Item Processing Services

Corporate Share Drafts

VolCorp’s corporate share draft program gives credit unions an alternative to bank checking accounts. We are able to process disbursement checks written from member credit union accounts and then post the settlement to their VolCorp Transaction Account. Since no pre-funding is necessary, credit unions retain the float and can maximize the earnings on available funds while avoiding the high fees of a bank checking account.

Money Orders

VolCorp’s money order program allows credit unions to enjoy low per-item fees and avoid pre-funding when issuing. Reconciliation is simplified by our online platform, which displays cleared items on a daily basis.


VolCorp’s cashier’s drafts program enables credit unions to issue drafts to members in need of certified checks. Settlement is posted to the Transaction Account. Reporting of cleared items is available daily through VolCorp Online.


Our suite of remote deposit capture products, also known as ezcapture, can be used at a branch, merchant, or consumer level and helps credit unions take advantage of efficient processing of deposit items.


Automates check collection at a branch level and increases both productivity and accuracy, while giving credit unions fast access to deposited funds.

Benefits of Branch Capture:

  • Simple and accessible reports (sorted by batch, teller, branch, on-us items, and more)
  • Free access to all deposit check images for seven years
  • Cost savings by reducing or eliminating bank relationship and Federal Reserve Bank fees
  • Error & duplicate corrections
  • Training sessions, member support, and after-hour assistance

Compatible Scanners

UniLink Inc. – Scanner Ordering Site


Allows merchants to scan checks and transmit the scanned images to credit unions for deposit to their business account.

Benefits of MERCHANT Capture:

  • Seamless, speedy processes
  • Reduced risk of fraud, document loss, and posting errors
  • Review and approve all merchant deposits before they’re sent
  • Set deposit limits for merchants (per item, per deposit, and per daily total)
  • Simplifies bank/credit union relationships for business members
  • Same-day processing, even after business hours
  • Faster availability of funds

X9 Check Collection

VolCorp accepts X9 check collection files from any vendor a credit union uses to accept check deposits. Whether it’s mobile deposits, ATM/ITM checks, or teller work, VolCorp can process the deposit items, and credit unions enjoy access to all the benefits of VolCorp’s Item Processing services.</p.

We provide a suite of financial services that bring unparalleled timeliness, efficiency, and accessibility to a wide array of payment solutions.

Check Collection Returns

VolCorp can receive check collection returns on behalf of credit unions, reducing reliance on other banks or the Federal Reserve. VolCorp offers options for retrieval of check collection return information, personalized to credit unions’ needs.

Paper Item Processing of Deposit Return Items

VolCorp’s paper item processing is a cost effective way for credit unions with low volume to receive their check collection return items. VolCorp receives the return items, prints Image Replacement Documents (IRDs), and sends the items to the credit union by U.S. mail or U.P.S. Detailed reports of deposit return items are available to credit unions the same day VolCorp receives the items, so funds can be debited from members’ accounts immediately. As an optional service, VolCorp can automatically re-deposit return items meeting certain criteria.</p.

Image Delivery of Deposit Return Items

VolCorp’s image delivery service lowers the risk associated with the return of deposited checks. Through this service, credit unions receive PDF files with their daily deposit returns, so they can immediately print Image Replacement Documents (IRDs) and collect deposit returns on the same day VolCorp charges them.

Early Notice of Check Collection Returns

For the fastest notification of check collection returns, VolCorp offers Early Notice of Check Collection Returns. Credit unions using this service receive notification of return items in the morning, several hours before return item notifications are available through VolCorp’s standard check collection return services. By receiving notice early in the day, credit unions can minimize risks and potentially reduce chargeback losses.

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