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Financial Services

Strategic Partnerships

VolCorp provides personalized consulting, investment, risk, and financial services, as well as a large selection of corporate accounts to credit unions nationwide. Our product offering is designed with the overarching purpose of inspiring credit unions to reach new heights of service and development.

VolCorp is committed to developing strong business partnerships that grant credit unions access to a large pool of programs and solutions tailored to fit their changing needs. We have performed due diligence on each of our strategic partners and are ready to streamline our strong network within these organizations. This way, we empower credit unions to effortlessly integrate the services they need within their product offering.

CU Business Group (CUBG)

CUBG provides business deposits, lending services, and technical expertise to credit unions big and small, bringing them one step closer to creating a complete business services package.


  • Underwriting
  • Loan documentation
  • Risk monitoring
  • Consulting and training


  • Marketing materials
  • Marketing lists
  • Sales enablement trainings


  • Business deposit account structures and pricing
  • Operations, compliance, and system guidance
  • Merchant Bankcards
  • Business ACH origination
  • Tax payments


  • Board and management education
  • Recruiting and interviewing
  • Market demographics and program potential analysis

Smart Option Private Student Loan Program (Sallie Mae®)

In partnership with Sallie Mae®, VolCorp offers a convenient private student loan referral program through SLM Corporation that allows credit unions to lower risks and earn fee income while granting their members easier access to higher education opportunities.

SLM Corporation is one of the country’s leading providers of college funding solutions and has over 40 years of leadership in the education lending market.

With zero additional costs, the student loan program pairs efficiently with student checking solutions and allows credit unions to generate fee income per each originated loan.


  • Grants students access to the finances they need to pay for college
  • Expands credit union product line to attract and retain members
  • No cost or funding requirements to make private student loans available to members
  • Generates additional revenue without capital investment
  • Minimal IT requirements
  • Free marketing materials annually
  • Students who apply with a creditworthy cosigner may qualify for a lower interest rate

Bill Pay (My CU Services)

Through MY CU Services, VolCorp facilitates an efficient bill pay solution that allows credit unions to submit online payments, making it easier for them to handle bills and manage their funds. Home banking systems are not mandatory, as our solution can seamlessly function with or without such capabilities.


  • No monthly minimums
  • Single sign-on capabilities with a growing number of processors
  • User-friendly, responsive interface
  • Custom payee lists
  • Multiple payment options
  • Payment tracking
  • Home banking system not necessary


VolCorp has partnered with ATM/EFT network and debit card processor TransFund to equip credit unions with an array of advantageous card, ATM, and merchant service solutions.

TransFund’s deep understanding of the complexities and challenges facing financial institutions allowed them to tailor a unique product offering that empowers our members to grow and easily compete with larger banks and industry players.


Card products. TransFund works alongside credit unions to sediment a card program that facilitates greater penetration, activation, and usage, and that ultimately increases their market share and income. ATM and EFT Services. Credit unions can count on TransFund for unbiased analytics and support in choosing the best PIN and Signature POS Networks and EFT vendors.


  • PIN POS interchange income passed to credit unions
  • Reward options
  • Detailed analytics
  • Multiple solutions for PIN debit
  • Advanced fraud prevention capabilities: EMV card migration, tokenization,  real-time scoring
  • Timely and comprehensive technical and personal support
  • Free card design
  • Discounted card production prices
  • On-demand printing

Dolphin Debit

VolCorp has partnered with Dolphin Debit, the single largest pure play provider of ATM outsourcing for credit unions in the U.S. Through a fully-funded and completely turnkey ATM management model, Dolphin’s program eliminates capital expenditure – using their own capital to upgrade your existing machines or replace them with new equipment on your behalf – shrinks operating costs by 10-30%, frees up staff, and assures a strategy is in place for future compliance or technology enhancements.

Dolphin Debit is the U.S. ATM Services Division of Euronet Worldwide, a global leader in ATM deployments and technology, and is armed with experience in managing over 3,000 ATMs/ITMs in the U.S. and nearly 50,000 globally.


  • ATM Hardware and Software
  • Compliance and Upgrades
  • Maintenance and Service
  • Terminal Driving
  • Cash Management
  • ATM Monitoring

Lien Solutions

Motor Vehicle Title Processing

Do you know that between 25%-40% of motor vehicle liens can go unperfected? The reasons range from the inherent complexity of different DMV requirements to the practice of asking customers to file their own titles. Many lenders simply lack the specialized knowledge and capabilities that ensure better results and effectively reduce risk to their motor vehicle lien portfolios.

That’s why Wolters Kluwer’s Lien Solutions created iLien Motor Vehicle. With a nationwide footprint, we provide expertise across all jurisdictions – helping to ensure that the right information and processes are in place and tracking each lien with the DMV until perfected. We’re equipped to process required documentation and provide upfront estimates of taxes and fees. That means your internal resources can allocate their time to processing new transactions and increasing revenue for your institution. We save you the resource cost and time spent on tasks such as researching different DMV requirements and following up with borrowers. Most importantly, we help you deliver a better experience to your members.

Motor Vehicle Title Management

It’s tempting to think that once a motor vehicle title is processed and a lien perfected, there’s nothing more to do than wait for the loan to be paid off. But savvy lenders know that there’s more to protecting their interests and meeting their obligations. Title processing is just the first step in an ongoing journey – one that continues with active management and oversight throughout the life of a loan.

Wolters Kluwer Lien Solutions understands that the maintenance and organization of titles can be cumbersome. And, regulations frequently change, meaning that lenders must stay abreast of change to remain compliant. A case in point – many states are now mandating Electronic Titles (ELTs), with more expected to follow. For many lenders, this means adopting new processes for conducting business with jurisdictions that require ELT. And, regardless of title type, lenders who try to store titles onsite often encounter difficulties – from lost or misplaced titles to titles destroyed due to disaster situations. The fact is that lending institutions need to comply with the storage and other requirements of all jurisdictions where they conduct business – and be ready to adjust as those requirements change.

iLien Motor Vehicle Title Management Flyer   iLien Motor Vehicle Title Processing Flyer

Elan Credit Card

VolCorp has partnered with Elan Credit Card to provide credit unions with an industry-leading agent credit card program.

A partnership with Elan allows the credit union to focus on what they do best – building member relationships. The Elan Credit Card solution removes costs, reduces risks, and improves the member experience. As an Elan partner, we’ll work in tandem to develop growth solutions, provide the latest technology, and build enterprise benefits.


  • Consistent income
  • Reduced risk (credit, fraud, regulatory, economic)
  • Expertise & resources to drive growth
  • 10+ consumer and business credit card products
  • Competitive rewards and easy redemption process
  • Investment in the latest technology and fraud prevention
  • Integrated marketing solutions
  • Detailed reporting through our exclusive partner portal
  • Employee training, development, and engagement

Sage Direct

Sage Direct is a privately held company headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan with sales and service office located in St. Augustine, Florida. We began as a direct mail marketing services company in 1989 and transitioned into financial document processing in 1994. Since then, we have been providing financial institutions and other marketers with accurate, flexible, and cost-effective financial document processing and marketing support services.


  • Statement Processing
  • eStatement Processing
  • Member Notices
  • Tax Form Processing
  • Collection Letters
  • Target Marketing
  • Database Management
  • Mailings & Data Services


VolCorp, in partnership with EFT Source, provides Card@Once®, a solution for cost-effective card issuance that requires little to no IT support. With Card@Once® credit unions can produce Visa or Mastercard debit cards in under two minutes on-site, thus reducing member wait time and improving overall customer satisfaction.


  • Easy-to-use card printers on-site
  • Monthly charges only on a “per card produced” basis
  • Instant issuance
  • PCI certified
  • No hardware contract required
  • No annual software licensing keys
  • Advanced personalization features
  • No core software integration requirements
  • Three-year rapid replacement


I-Care is a collaborative employee healthcare solution specifically designed to meet the needs of credit unions. VolCorp members can reduce both claim risk and premium volatility by joining the program, lowering costs for employees and employers alike.


  • Reduced healthcare costs and improved employee benefits
  • Easily adjustable wellness programs
  • Flexible and competitive plan designs through various networks
  • Data analytics and reporting for strategic decision-making
  • Join a knowledgeable community of credit union HR specialists


According to a recent survey, four out of five Gen Z consumers say money matters are a leading source of stress. Credit unions have the opportunity to relieve this burden with Zogo. Zogo is a free mobile app developed by Duke University’s behavioral scientists that teaches financial literacy to teenagers.


  • 300+ educational modules designed by Duke University professors
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Ability to redeem in-app rewards using points earned through quizzes

To learn more about Zogo, contact us!

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