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Investment Services

Brokered Securities

VolCorp’s brokerage services safeguard the flexibility, short-term liquidity, and long-term investments of our members.

CU Investment Solutions, LLC

VolCorp offers a range of investment products to meet your credit union’s diverse needs. If your investment portfolio calls for short-term liquidity, flexibility, or longer-term investment vehicles, VolCorp can provide competitive solutions. Furthermore, our experienced financial staff is always available to assist you with questions and planning.


  • Licensed brokers on staff
  • Strong industry knowledge
  • Reputation of exceptional member service
  • Safety and soundness
  • Transferring money is as easy as a telephone call to one of our investment specialists

Brokerage Service

Expanding your portfolio is simple with a brokerage account from VolCorp. With licensed brokers on staff at VolCorp, this service provides credit unions with the opportunity to buy and sell all permissible securities along with other benefits such as increasing diversification, access to national inventories, and serving as an alternative pricing source per NCUA guidelines.

Setting up an account is easy and free. With a Corporate Agent Account in place, we’ll be ready to execute a trade when you are and/or serve as your alternative pricing source.

Become a Partner

For more information about our brokered securities and about how we can help your credit union, contact us! One of our representatives will get back to you shortly.