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Financial services

ACH Services

VolCorp offers ACH processing through ezfunds, a simple and efficient web platform that handles origination, receipt, and returns.


Simple, browser-based technology

User-friendly interface

Single platform for origination, receipt, and returns

Advanced security features, including multi-factor authentication

Derived return capabilities

Comprehensive reporting (including IAT reports)

Nacha compliance

Experienced and Accredited ACH Professionals (AAPs) on staff

ACH Services


ACH Settlement

VolCorp can post daily ACH settlements from ACH operators to member Transaction Accounts. This simplifies the settlement process to a single source, and as a result, credit unions are not required to maintain multiple relationships with different institutions.

ACH Receipt

ACH Receipt through VolCorp allows credit unions to become Receiving Depository Financial Institutions (RDFI) and receive daily ACH debits and credits for their members.

Furthermore, daily activity can be automatically delivered to data processors for posting to member accounts. VolCorp provides several secure options and can customize ACH file delivery accordingly.

ACH Origination

ACH Origination gives credit unions the ability to become Originating Depository Financial Institutions (ODFI) that can initiate electronic debits and credits for their members and/or SEGs within the ACH network while reducing payment processing costs.

ezfunds makes ACH Origination flexible and convenient, enabling credit unions to:

  • Originate domestic and international ACH transactions through a secure online connection
  • Access the FedGlobal service, allowing for ACH transactions to over 30 countries world-wide
  • Grant SEGs or small business members direct access to the system for payroll or payment processing
  • Set up one-time and/or recurring ACH transactions
  • Offset entry potential
  • Create potential fee income
  • Implement controls to reduce risk exposure

ACH Returns

ezfunds allows credit unions to effectively handle ACH returns and Notifications of Change (NOCs) through a streamlined, efficient process. ACH returns and NOCs can be derived through the ezfunds system, or return files created by outside software can be accepted for transmission to ACH operators.

ACH Contingency

ezfunds allows credit unions to establish VolCorp as a contingency sending and/or receiving point for ACH transactions. This allows VolCorp to send and receive ACH files on behalf of credit unions when their primary access point is unavailable, ensuring no disruption of service to credit unions or their members.

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