WV Credit Union League’s Annual Meeting

25   Apr

Charleston, WV

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for VolCorp Online

VolCorp is in the process of enhancing security by upgrading the way its members access VolCorp Online. On or before November 1, 2023, VolCorp will employ the use of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).

When members click to login to VolCorp Online, they will be asked to enter their individual email address and password, just as they do now. After this information has been entered and confirmed, members will be required to use one of three methods of authentication to verify their identity:

  • Smartphone (via the Okta Verify app)
  • SMS texting
  • Security Key

Once this information has been entered accurately, members will then be admitted into VolCorp Online.

Over the next few months, we will be reaching out to you with more information regarding this new change. If you have any questions about this new security enhancement, please contact us at 800-470-3444, Extension 3, or email [email protected].