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How Does Your Credit Union Look on the Small Screen?

Mobile Site Design Did you know that mobile phones are the most common device used for browsing the web? Or that Mobile Banking will surpass Online Banking?

Your regular website is designed to be viewed on desktop computers by people sitting in a comfortable chair browsing the web. But people using their mobile phones and smart phones are usually searching for information "on the go". They probably don't need to know every detail of every service your credit union offers, or the story of your credit union's history in chronological order. Furthermore, they don't have time to wait for large images to download through their wireless connection (which are getting faster, but can still be pretty slow). And those fancy flash movies...likely gray boxes with question marks!

So what are they browsing for...these people on the go looking for your credit union from their mobile phone? How about your office and branch locations, directions or link to a map, important phone numbers (they are on their phones after all), and ATM locations? Is your credit union a Shared Branch participant? How about a link to shared branch locations so they can make a transaction while out of town?

Or, perhaps they are car shopping and want to quickly compare your rates with those of the dealership?

Most importantly, they need access to their account through your mobile banking service...if you offer if. Make it easy for them by having a link to your mobile banking from your mobile website...eliminating the need to remember (and type!) long and complicated mobile banking URLs.

What's really big right now? How about QR Codes? Create mobile-friendly pages for your QR codes to connect to credit union promotions, special offers, and more! And don't forget about linking to your Twitter and/or Facebook sites. Social sites get a lot of mobile viewing, as you can imagine!

Creating a mobile site can be easy and inexpensive. You don't even have to purchase a mobile domain name unless you really want to. Just create a sub-domain within your existing domain name, like or

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